World Employee Appreciaton Day

Pillow Urban Stay is not just another impersonal corporation, it consists of its people and they are the ones who make it so special!

Have you ever truly wondered what that young lady at the hotel reception does when she leaves work? Or whether that chef who prepared your delicious breakfast plays the drums or tennis in his spare time? You may have not, but we, at Pillow, certainly have!

This is because staff is a vital component of every successful business; people who are properly trained to provide the best possible customer service. At Pillow Urban Stay we place great emphasis on appointing the right people to the right position, so that every visitor will leave our hotel satisfied with everything they were provided with, focusing on the needs of each and every individual.

What is more, beyond the training and professional behaviour, we believe that every minor or important, special feature that the people at Pillow have, makes the team more versatile and effective. The combination of a number of assets, such as the right education with their personality and the individual interests of everyone is the reason why our guests are always content with the hospitality and service provided to them showing their preference to us again and again.

Therefore, Pillow Urban Stay highlights and encourages all those special characteristics and skills of its staff, giving each member of its team the opportunity and the freedom to integrate their personality traits in the role they have been given in this hotel. World Employee Appreciation Day on March 6th was not the reason, but more of an additional occasion to show our gratitude to these people who contribute daily, each with his own character and personality, to keeping Pillow on the visitors’ highest place of preference.


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