Explore Thessaloniki like a local!

Are you planning on visiting Thessaloniki in the near future? Are you trying
organize your itinerary with the sites you wish to visit and the local
dishes you long to sample, but the internet reviews
are more chaotic rather than enlightening?
Would you like the locals to help you discover the hidden "gems" of our city?
We would like to introduce you to Pillow Strolls.

Through this initiative, we’ll showcase impressive sites of
historic downtown Thessaloniki, located just walking distance
from our hotel all via our Instagram account.
Follow along as we take you to museums, ancient monuments, parks and
all the top must-see’s of Thessaloniki! Our virtual tours
make it easier to recognize and explore our
neighborhood once you arrive to Thessaloniki.

However, you cannot visit all these attractions without the necessary
energy and we, at Pillow Urban Stay, place great emphasis
on good food, both inside and outside the hotel. For this reason,
we’ll visit all the well-known, as well as the local and authentic restaurants of the area.
We’ll take you behind the scenes for a glimpse of their specialties
and recommend you the best options amongst
the top eateries of the city.

With a history steeped in multiculturalism, Thessaloniki has
so much to offer to the modern traveller. Dive deep into the
wide variety of different cuisines, both local and international, rendering
every single day a culinary adventure to the past and present.